at Qualicorp

Qualicorp, an administrator of collective
health plans, and Mutant teamed to deliver
more and better by connecting health,
environment, and consumer experience. The
partnership identified the most efficient
communication methods and generated
more value for those who receive the information.

Qualicorp is an administrator of collective health plans that, until the end of 2019, made a large use of letters in the communication journey with customers. This process had variables that increased the degree of operation’s complexity, resulting in an ineffective control and reduced results measurement, especially in the printing and distribution processes. Not to mention the impact on sustainability, with printing of monthly content for approximately 2.5 million customers.

By having a customer-focused business model based on resoluteness, transparency processes and hospitality, Qualicorp realized it was time to revisit and improve its processes. By doing so, it has made communication with its customers more assertive.

Accelerating digital transformation

In late 2019, Qualicorp received
the vice president’s directive for the initiative that
moved the company`s digital transformation forward.
The transformation focused on communication
journeys with clients, assuming control over
processes, making them more assertive, and
assigning metrics to measure results.
Since then, together with Mutant, the brand has
implemented a set of actions to boost Qualicorp’s
operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Qualicorp has a humanized management model and Mutant is an essential partner who enables us to maintain this relationship with our beneficiaries in the digital environment.

We still send some physical letters to clients, though we have replaced a large part of them with e-mails, bringing a more modern and digital approach to the company. For this, Mutant is Qualicorp’s main partner and has become fundamental in the process of sending e-mails to customers.

The physical letters are still active to impact customers wherever they are, although a large part of them have been replaced by e-mails, thus bringing a more modern and digital approach to the company. And for this, Mutant is now Qualicorp’s main partner and has become fundamental in the process of sending e-mails to customers.

Altivo Oliveira, Sales Vice-President at Mutant, emphasizes the importance of communication now perceived by the client as an experience: “With the implementation of M360, a Mutant solution for campaign management, we created a faster and closer way of contacting customers. Communication is never too much when it comes to offering the client information, answering questions, and indicating the best offers through multiple channels.” “Sending mismatched information without context can be a risk for the business. Having a solution that enables comprehensive and fast management helps in decision making and, of course, meets the customers in the channel where they are most comfortable.”

2020: an atypical year.

Without Qualicorp being able to foresee it,
the digital transformation fostered in 2019
also enabled faster reactions in the atypical
year 2020, when agility was key to making
communication with beneficiaries even
closer and more human. As in the case of the
deliberations of the National Supplementary
Health Agency (ANS), in relation to the
suspension and recomposition of the annual
adjustment in health plan prices, due to the
Covid-19 pandemic.

Carrying out this entire communication journey only by means of letters, besides being more time consuming, obviously would not be as effective. Moreover, with the use of e-mail only for the communication process of price adjustments (suspension and recovery), more than 3 million letters were replaced by e-mails, with a positive impact on the health of the planet.
Between 2019 and 2020 the company recorded a jump in digital communications, from approximately 7,950,000 emails to over 52,700,000 emails sent.

“Currently the success we present in all communications sent by email and SMS to Qualicorp beneficiaries, is thanks to the partnership we have signed with Mutant`s solution, with gains in agility, security in processes and customer satisfaction,” emphasizes Américo de Carvalho, Senior Operations Analyst at Qualicorp, directly involved in the communications process.

The M360 solution has become a powerful relationship and integration tool for Qualicorp, enabling the reduction of distances, more agility in the daily routine, and real-time responses for beneficiaries.

Advantages of using
the M360 solution
for Qualicorp

Traceability and results measurement
were basal advances in the digital
transformation process via the M360
solution. “With electronic communication
we were able to ensure evidence of the
sending and delivery, measure openings
and clicks, having more control over the
operation along with enabling a better
understanding of each customer’s
behavior and needs,”
comments Meneses.

Implementing the tool was simple, and the user release is very intuitive. Moreover, the company can count on Mutant´s agile and qualified support, with a team of professionals highly prepared to solve the challenges of each client, molding and creating tools that add value and deliver results.

“Evolving technologically is something we are always on the lookout for. A strategic partnership with one of our main providers allowed us to advance in the implementation of cloud usage with M360. All the support with validations, architecture ideas and discussions of best practices with the architects and partner team ensured a solidity in our platform that was noticed by our clients”,
says Tatiana Sanches, Product Development executive at Mutant.

The professional concludes by saying that “high availability, high performance are just some of the advantages. The constant support gives us the peace of mind of having our operation 100% under control, bringing us and our customers a great comfort, by the seriousness and quality of service.”

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Platform results in 2020

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SMS sent

Qualicorp’s digital
transformation is
just beginning

The fruits of the Qualicorp – Mutant partnership are many. Besides the practicality in sending diverse communications, new possibilities for improvement are continuously evaluated. Recently, there was the collaborative implementation of a new communications monitoring and recording, capable of generating documentation and contributing to the data control process.

“We understand that there is still a lot of work to be done, but a partnership such as the one with Mutant have been central inour digital transformation process,” Meneses concludes.

Altivo Oliveira adds: “the importance of customized communication designed to the company’s end customer places Mutant even more focused on performance delivery. Improving Qualicorp’s customer service journey means to us value delivered, bringing end customers closer to the company by making them feel confident in the communication they receive.”

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