Mutant Negotiation Journey

Improve collections and client
satisfaction with the Mutant
Negotiation Journey.

We integrate different channels
and promote a continuous,
closer, and humanized

Get real results with Mutant`s Negotiation Journey

What you can expect

Reduce collection costs
by 20% to 40%

Reduce default by
30% within 90 days

Improve customer
experience and satisfaction

Offer 24/7 service in
a variety of channels.

Your customer receives:

Empathy and respect for
the particularities of their
debt and life circumstance.

A collaborative experience
– the client helps find a

Attractive, possible
negotiation options.

Low-interest loan
and payment

Send the right offer via the right channel.

A comprehensive and efficient approach.

The negotiation journey
improves the experience
and perception
of your
brand by
providing an
approach in
the ideal
with the
right offer.

Exclusive Negotiation Portal Multiple payment options,
dynamic offers, and database
enrichment by traditional
means and social networks.

Credit Marketplace Gives the defaulting
customer access to fair and
uncomplicated credit to
settle debts with easy

Collection Squad A team of market specialists
dedicated to the strategic and
consultative management
your customer journeys.

The Negotiation Platform
Track everything in one place,
from analytical database
information to results and

Take an innovative
approach to grow
your business.

Experience the
Mutant Negotiation Journey.

Find out how these clients
improved decision-making
and customer experience
with Mutant.

Global companies
from every industry
choose Mutant.

Mutant serves more than 400
customers in 15 countries in America,
Europe, and Asia, from different
sectors of the economy. In Brazil,
we serve 4 of the biggest banks
and 4 of the biggest telecoms.

You too can
succeed with

We can help you deliver optimal business
pefromance. Contact us today to get started.