When you make
a claim on an
insurance policy,
all you need is
a service you
can trust.

Now just between us,
leader to leader.

More than 300 million people around the
world trust Europ Assistance, a French
company that has been operating in Brazil
for more than 20 years, where it is the
market leader.

Caring for people and property, Europ
Assistance Brasil (EABR) answers an
average of 200,000 calls per month through
its relationship channels. That’s more than
6,000 calls per day in Brazil alone!

To meet such large demand, EABR adopted the same logic as its customers:
it went after a company it could trust. Thus, Mutant and EABR joined forces to implement a performance model that took the insurance company’s customer service to a new level.

Seeing through the
customer’s eyes

Mutant’s performance model, always starts at the
same point: understanding the customer’s
journey. That’s because empathy is the basis of
what we do: you must put yourself in
another person`s shoes to understand what
meets her expectations and what leaves
something to be desired. It is as the old
Chinese wise man used to say: if you
understand the problem, you already have
half of the solution.

In EABR’s case, the problem was the complexity of the requests. Customers locked out of their houses, with a leak in the sink, with a flat tire, a burned-out ceiling fan, etc. In these situations, customer service needs to know whether to help the customer with a locksmith, a plumber, a tow truck, or a glass of sugar water.

The diversity of requests make it impossible to adopt a simplified integrated voice response (IVR), with items to be enumerated and dialed. As our Client Director, Marcos Scarpim, summarizes well:

“Imagine a customer who needs to use the numeric keypad of his cell phone to warn that his car won’t start, considering all the possible causes of this problem.

“Dial 1 for battery failure, dial 2 for electrical breakdown, (…) dial 25 for dry breakdown. It would be impractical.”

We needed to implement a more advanced technology, capable of identifying key words in the customer’s call and, by means of an intelligent neural network, interpret the request and direct the insured to the correct service flow.

It may seem like something
from the future. But for
Europ, it is already reality.

After understanding the problem, EABR and
Mutant came up with a solution that, goes by the name
EVA – Europ Virtual Agent. EVA is a cognitive robot
that uses artificial intelligence and natural language
to offer a humanized service. But what does that really
mean? EVA combines the closeness and friendliness of
human customer service with the efficiency and agility
of a digital assistant. It is the best of both worlds.

EVA is programmed to perform highly complex tasks.

It can even attend to customers in an emergency by addressing, for example, mechanic or towing services. In addition, the requests answered by EVA generate data that can be analyzed by a team of technicians, engineers, and experts in neurolinguistics to keep the robot’s programming always up to date.

“EVA’s update happens daily. We know, for example, when the robot was not able to fulfill a request and we can train it to acquire the necessary skills to solve the problem in the next service. With this, we greatly increase retention and improve the flow. – explains Eduardo Endo, Head of Digital Products at Mutant.

A competent
new technology

EVA was the result of the work of an interdisciplinary
squad that united professionals from EABR and
Mutant to create of the first robot with artificial
intelligence in the insurance market. Despite its
young age, EVA already presents thousands of
service orders issued monthly, 100% digital, with
assertiveness within the scheduled services.

These numbers represent a reduction in call time, so the client has more time to get on with their day. For EABR, the savings make the company dream of even higher goals for the coming years. By 2021, the expectation is that 50% of customer service will be performed – and solved – through the company’s digital channels, without the need for human intervention.

“We are marking an important step of pioneering and creating challenging solutions that meet the needs of this market. EVA has interacted well with customers, exceeding expectations. The Robot understands contexts and doesn’t just give ready answers. This has made the contact very humanized.” concludes Ricardo Alexandre, Operations Director at Europ Assistance Brasil.

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