Your message goes where
your customer is.

Inform about new products or services,
offer discounts, send reminders and
payment details, congratulate, welcome,
confirm your customers’ schedules and
orders, and much more.

With more scale in your
communication, you bring
your audience closer,
generate more sales
opportunities, and boost
your business results.

Why manage customer communication?

operating costs


Gain greater brand visibility
and customer loyalty


Improve user

Get contextualized
service in several

Mutant has a complete,
stand-alone solution for
text channel management,
so your team can focus on
what really matters:

70% of
prefer to
via text

For the majority of users,
Text Channels are still the
most used means.


130 million brazilians
use the app

99% of smartphones in
the country have the
app installed


98.2% of people open
their e-mail inbox daily

81% read e-mail on
mobile devices.


229 million active
lines in Brazil

98% of people read
SMS immediately after
receiving it


67% is the global
Opt-in rate for push

Find out how these clients
improved decision-making
and customer experience
with Mutant.

Global companies
from every industry
choose Mutant.

Mutant serves more than 400
customers in 15 countries in America,
Europe, and Asia, from different
sectors of the economy. In Brazil,
we serve 4 of the biggest banks
and 4 of the biggest telecoms.

You too can
succeed with


The platform was created in order to serve all market segments and for you to be able to communicate with your customer during their entire life cycle by sending digital communications in the channels offered by the platform such as E-mail, SMS, Push, and WhatsApp.

The platform has a simple and intuitive interface allowing you to create a campaign in a few minutes.

Yes, the platform offers reports and dashboards that allow you to view the campaign results in a consolidated or analytical way. For the email channel, for example, in addition to delivery indicators, you can track openings and clicks on links, including a heat map with the most clicked links.

Yes, the test step is mandatory in the sending flow of a campaign, in which users registered as testers will receive communications for validation. In addition, the platform offers A/B testing functionality for automated campaigns.

The platform can send mass mailings to pre-selected audiences and also
transactional mailings via API, which are those automatic mailings sent
after an action performed by the client.

Yes, it is possible to work with variable data to personalize the communication with the recipient's name, for example. During the sending, the platform replaces these variables according to the data base, ensuring that each recipient receives the communication in a personalized way.

Yes, there are some possibilities for integration with other systems. Contact our technical team to learn more.

We can help you deliver optimal business
pefromance. Contact us today to get started.