Work from Home
arrives at Catho

500 professionals from
Office to Home Office in 2 weeks

Catho is one of the largest job sites in Brazil and is part of the Seek group, a world leader in online recruitment. Find out how the relationship between Catho and Mutant has brought great learning for both brands.

After a period of immersion in Catho’s culture and work processes, Mutant saw a clear opportunity for optimization in the company’s management model. The idea came from asking if a company with 100% of its team in-house and several back office operations benefit from implementing a definitive work-from-home solution? Keeping part of the team operating from home is not a new idea, but it is still uncommon in Brazil.

Until now

After the regulation of teleworking, many Brazilian
companies now adhere to the model. Home
office may be an irreversible trend, as it contributes
to new labor definitions, prioritizing productivity and
flexibility in the workers’ routine. For Catho, the
problem facing this change was the challenge of
managing a large amount of employees from home.

“Mutant and Catho talked for a long time. We made some
presentations to the human resources and operations
team. We showed them that our solution, different from
what the market has, supports the entire strategy and is
not a simple VPN access. Our work begins long before
the implementation of the tool,”
explains Cacá,
Operations Director at Mutant.

It’s more than designing a project,
it’s writing a new story.

The acceptance of home office by some
managers is still a challenge. But it was
understanding their mistrust and resistance
that led Mutant to develop a complete
Home Based platform, which includes
numerous features and solutions for
remote business management. One of
them the biometric reader, provides
visibility to the employee’s routine.

“By logging in, the system records
the time and allows the manager to
efficiently monitor the adherence
to the work schedules,” explains

Also, all areas, including the
company’s managers, receive, in
addition to the platform, training
and full time monitoring to
manage the team remotely.

times require
secure and

“At Mutant, we don’t just offer the technology solution. We offer consulting, support work and planning services. This is essential for companies to understand what they want to change and why they are hiring our solution. We help our client to map the working methods, the infrastructure and evaluate how the climate survey program is in the company. Thus, we get into the details and build a map to understand several points such as, for example, the percentage of employees who work far from the company. We look at details that, many times, the company doesn’t look at. The solution itself is the icing on the cake,” explains Cacá, Director of Operations at Mutant.

After seeing all the features of the Home-Based platform, Catho HR knew they could engage employee even more. And, more than that, reduce costs and increase the benefits and gains of the operation with the Mutant solution. Based on this assessment, Catho and Mutant defined some KPIs to measure the tool’s performance, including:

→ Level of satisfaction after Home Based;
→ Employee productivity;
→ Absenteeism rate;
→ Average time of service and breaks.

“We started the project with the implementation of a 20-day POC (Proof of Concept). The goal was to test the novelty with 200 people, slowly understanding how the Home Based solution would perform in the professionals’ day to day lives”, explains Antonio Carlos.

What nobody expected was that the scenario of our economy would change so abruptly. The Home Based solution, which would be implemented within a schedule of actions, had to be adopted in record time. The platform became a top priority with the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to keep professionals safe.

“[…] Post-pandemic companies will
change, and we will be here to help
and evolve with them.”
Cacá, Director of Operations at Mutant.

“When we were finalizing the testing phase, Catho realized that it would be necessary to put 500 employees working from home. With the quarantine decree, we had to implement very quickly. It was a colossal challenge. The task force between the client and Mutant was admirable and everything was ready in two weeks. It was an important moment, a watershed for the Home Based solution, both inside and outside of Mutant,” says Cacá.

According to Tábitha Laurino, senior manager at Catho, the transfer involved several areas, such as IT, Purchasing and Logistics. “We had to make the necessary adjustments to equipment, furniture, system connections, internet and the transportation and delivery of all materials. It was a week of many adjustments,” she explains.

“We had started the migration process two months prior, but we had to speed it up because of the pandemic. This type of mobilization is a big challenge. We analyzed case by case so that employees really felt involved in the process.”

In total, we made available:




Catho and
are reaping
the results.


After the implementation of Home Based and with defined indicators, Mutant will be able to show Catho how the company’s performance was compared to the current performance. The goal, besides keeping the platform stable, is to show the effective gains of the home based office in Catho’s results and in the perception of the employees themselves.

“We are in the first month of the stable platform, but we can already see that it is working. In our conversations with Catho, we’ve already had very positive feedback. The project was to leave 40% of employees at home, but with the current scenario and with a stable platform and positive indicators, these numbers have already increased. Covid-19 is definitely being a trigger for us to sustain and leverage this market. The post-pandemic companies will change and we will be here to help and evolve with them,” concludes Cacá.

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