create one of the
largest WhatsApp
business use cases
in the world.

Based on the concept
“work from anywhere,”
CAIXA’s project with Mutant
enabled the migration of
employees to home office
during the pandemic, in
addition to creating a direct
channel with clients via
WhatsApp. The project is
one of the largest in
Latin America.

The year 2020 presented diverse challenges for
everyone. We re-learned how to work and share
experiences. We further realized how vital technology
is and will be for the future.

Deeply involved with innovation projects and as
a customer-focused company, Mutant helps companies
deliver the same digital value to their customers they
delivered previously delivered physically, expanding
their touch points and enabling the relationship to be
as natural, human, and constant as possible.

With that goal in mind, CAIXA Econômica
Federal, a Brazilian financial services company,
and Mutant created the largest WhatsApp
business use cases in the world.

364 million

messages exchanged
per month

3 million

per day

3.5 million



account activations

More than 3 million customer attendances per day
and 11,000 simultaneous service positions.

This is the result of a channel implementation that enables CAIXA to communicate with
account holders through Facebook’s mobile messaging application.

More than a change in the work
model. It is a cultural shift.

The process began in April 2020, a few weeks after the COVID-19 qurantine started.
Two major demands inspired the bank: first, the need to enable many employees to work from home, and second, the need to avoid crowding customers in branches, especially given the rush of those seeking emergency benefits announced by the Federal Government.

Although the bank already had digital branches, traditional ones still made up the vast majority, and there was no tool that could provide remote customer service, while enabling employees to work from home. The goal was to allow 70% of the staff to work from home.


Trying to solve the issue internally, CAIXA adopted its own platform for online customer service. The improvised solution soon proved to be inefficient, due to the huge flow of calls generated by new government assistance packages offered to clients during the pandemics.

It was then that CAIXA started looking for a solution capable of handling the huge project.
As Brazil’s largest public bank, CAIXA is responsible for paying several types of benefits to millions of people, both individuals and companies.

From the companies evaluated by CAIXA, Mutant was the first to accept the challenge, showing confidence and expertise needed to execute such a bold project, besides presenting the best cost for emergency contracting.

“The challenge was huge, we would have to prove that the solution works and can handle a volume never seen before. I remember that on a Monday we had the first meeting with CAIXA and they already asked for a preview for the next day,” said Fernando Araújo, commercial director at Mutant.

“We literally had one day to set up an environment that would demonstrate the solution in a real-life situation”.

The project’s approval was just the beginning of the challenge. According to CAIXA, Mutant’s professionals were the ones who, both in the pre-contractual negotiations and in the very technical project management,  conveyed greater confidence in the product and willingness to take on the challenge.

A new connection,
handled with care.

CAIXA was concerned with preserving its
good customer experience journey, as well
as valuing the proximity of human and
individualized service, which enabled the
digital customer experience to be as close
as possible to the person experienced in
each branch.

Since customers were used to being
assisted by one manager, the goal was
to maintain this relationship. Therefore, the
remote service needed to remain with the
managers of each branch.

“Large scale transformation can only be
achieved with technology, but the relationship
needs to remain human.

Carla Melhado, CEO at Mutant.

The great technological challenge faced in such a project is volume. CAIXA has around 3.7 thousand branches spread throughout the country and almost 70 thousand employees responsible for customer service. Our option for WhatsApp is part of the effort to make remote service more familiar to users and customers. Ultimately, the use of the application is almost universal, present in 99% of Brazilian smartphones* and reaching people of all social classes.

The adoption of WhatsApp had a good reception among CAIXA`s employees. Some adaptations were necessary, but they ended up contributing to the modernization of the bank. The employee`s training for a new service method, and especially managing them to feel safe with an ‘ok’ given by the customer in a chat, represented a very big culture shift for the institution.

Mutant as an official WhatsApp partner, could offer the bank a platform that enables corporate use of the instant messaging service. The difference between this version and the one available for individuals is that, besides the account verified and approved for business use, CAIXA can use its call center landline (0800) as the official contact number on WhatsApp, decreasing this contact barrier in the communication journey with the client.

*Panorama Mobile Team – January 2021


The channel has been used to sell products and close deals in the branches since the beginning of its implementation, even with some employees still in training. Mostly without a national dissemination strategy and only localized initiatives at the branches, Caixa contracted R$ 7 million in credit by June 2020 and R$ 30 million in investments were raised through the WhatsApp solution developed by Mutant. About a year after the implementation of this solution, the channel generates about US$ 760,000 in business every month.

For Caio Sérgio, the project “showed Mutant`s strength as well as our purpose that the business units leverage each other”. Fernando Araújo agrees and said: “The synergy between the areas that compose the company was very rich and brought this unity to CAIXA’s project”.

Carla Melhado, CEO at Mutant, said of the project’s success – “We are a 100% data-driven company. Data analysis generates knowledge and business intelligence. Powered by agile methodology we have different areas working together and a single development squad, fully integrated and with autonomy to seek the best solution. This is one of the great assets of Mutant, which enables us to implement projects of any size or segmentation.

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