The move to digital
customer service

If the relationship with your
bank is increasingly digital,
customer service be too?

When the subject is customer service, almost every company thinks of an IVR – Integrated Voice Response – a system that enables a series of automated functions in phone answering including. Receiving and directing calls. Thanks to this practicality, IVR has become an advantageous option for many companies. However, most IVRs receive a barrage of complaints for having a confusing and inefficient navigation. In other words, almost everyone who needs to call Customer Service hopes to speak with a human as soon as possible.

It was no different for PAN Bank. In 2017, one of the bank’s biggest pains was:
not having a single electronic channel, with a unique voice and identity. At the time, PAN
Bank’s IVR was only a call transfer channel and, as with most companies, did not have a
self-service channel. “The IVR at Banco PAN did not collect data, did not direct customers in
the right way, did not have a triage and, therefore, the complaints and problems to be solved,
for the most part, arrived at the human employee in a confused and mistaken manner,” explains
Marcos Scarpim, Customer Director at Mutant.

A digital service with the company’s
brand voice and identity.

Understanding the business, its complexities,
particularities, the structure, the internal
processes and the working relationships between
areas and people.
At Mutant, this is the first step in
any project. A stage that brings together
multidisciplinary professionals, from both sides, who
together conduct a thorough assessment of all
processes that involve the customer journey. A
fundamental stage to provide the basis for the
development of a precise and efficient action plan.

In the case of Banco PAN, the diagnosis pointed
to the implementation of a Humanized IVR.
What does mean? That we offer the customer
an intelligent and personalized IVR, with a unique
voice and self-service designs that prevent – or
greatly reduce – the possibility of the call reaching
a human customer service employee.

Humanized IVR incorporates cognitive technology,
an Artificial Intelligence model that enables the robot
to interpret requests and address the right solution
for the call.

“Our first challenge, when we started
working with PAN, was to solve a crucial
and basic problem: a high call volume was
being directed to humans,” explains
Scarpim. So, our solution needed to start
long before we implemented any
new technology.

Data encryption
is security first

The first step after mapping
the issues was to think about
security. For banks, security is a
priority. Therefore, the need to
connect the solution
presented to the client’s own

Another important point was
to understand how to talk to the C and D public.
Would it be possible to retain these people
in the IVR? Negotiate and refinance debts,
make loans, and solve problems, all without
the need for human resources? That was
another big question,” Scarpim recalls.

Finally, Mutant decided that Banco PAN would
be the first Mutant client to have its
Humanized IVR implemented with SIP
technology, i.e., totally digital. Encrypted and
transmitted over data, the offering would bring
further substantial savings to the client. “The
challenge was immense, but enjoyable. This
implementation has put Mutant on another
level, and has generated substantial savings
for the customer.”

Satisfaction guaranteed and
the money invested back!

Overcoming all the challenges, Mutant and
PAN implemented an efficient
Humanized IVR. The channel is a success in
terms of automation and customer adaptation.
One year after implementation,
retention in the Humanized Mutant IVR already
accounted for 70%, i.e., less than 1/3 of calls
went to a customer service employee.

“This is only possible when you design a
good service
. The Bank did an excellent
job, because it had its needs mapped out
well, and we, from Mutant, were able
to put all this into an intelligent IVR. We are
PAN’s partners and we work all the time to
follow up with customized delivery, full of
added value”, explains Marcos.

Among the deliverables are:

→ Exclusive disciplinary team;
→ Daily emergency projects;
→ Daily recordings;
→ weekly or bi-weekly structuring projects;

“In a short time, the benefits the Humanized
IVR brought to the operation justified the
investments and technology embedded
in this change. This is the Mutant business
model and, for sure, a dream project for any
client!” concludes Scarpim.

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