Digital Transformation at Qualicorp Qualicorp, an administrator of collective health plans, and Mutant teamed to deliver more and better by connecting health, environment, and consumer experience. The partnership identified the most efficient communication methods and generated more value for those who receive the information. Qualicorp is an administrator of collective health plans that, until the […]

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EUROP ASSISTANCE When you make a claim on an insurance policy, all you need is a service you can trust. Now just between us, leader to leader. More than 300 million people around the world trust Europ Assistance, a French company that has been operating in Brazil for more than 20 years, where it is […]

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CATHO Work from Home arrives at Catho 500 professionals from Office to Home Office in 2 weeks Catho is one of the largest job sites in Brazil and is part of the Seek group, a world leader in online recruitment. Find out how the relationship between Catho and Mutant has brought great learning for both […]

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CAIXA AND MUTANT create one of the largest WhatsApp business use cases in the world. Based on the concept “work from anywhere,” CAIXA’s project with Mutant enabled the migration of employees to home office during the pandemic, in addition to creating a direct channel with clients via WhatsApp. The project is one of the largest […]

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PAN BANK The move to digital customer service If the relationship with your bank is increasingly digital, customer service be too? When the subject is customer service, almost every company thinks of an IVR – Integrated Voice Response – a system that enables a series of automated functions in phone answering including. Receiving and directing […]

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